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Designed & Hand Made Items

We look forward to continue to find different ways to be sustainable.

We are constantly learning new ways on how to produce our styles without heavily impacting the environment. We believe that "trying" is the most important step when the goal is to be Eco-friendly or sustainable. We understand that it is scary and sometimes it can be overwhelming. We will take it step by step to ultimately achieve our sustainable goals.


We promise to always be transparent with our products. We encourage you to read our product details every time you shop as we input every information with care.  

As a small business in a small island it is sometimes difficult to outsource earth-friendly products that ship here and if a product does ship here, it is a hefty shipping rate. Our rates are dependent on the Eco-friendly options we choose to provide.

Product Details

Most of our products will be limited, as we want to maintain control on the waste we produce. Limiting most quantities will make each product uniquely yours. Our materials will be locally source or outsourced from Eco-conscious manufacturers. Our products are not all made from Eco-conscious material but our products will always be ethically made. We will strive to make our products from the following fabrics:

We love linen because it is biodegradable when not dyed, made from flax plant and naturally moth resistant.

Organic and Recycled Cotton
Organic cotton are great alternatives as they are not genetically modified and uses pesticides. The name Recycled cotton is basically the definition itself. It is the process of converting cotton fabrics into cotton fibers to be reused in a product.


fabrics are basically leftovers, overstock, or excess fabrics. This is why most of our items are limited as the excess fabrics are finite.

Handmade Prints
Our handmade print fabrics will be hand-drawn and limited. They will be limited to ensure that each piece is unique and made for you. Having it limited will ensure that we reduce our waste.
Clothes can be designed and created within a month because we produce in house and manufactured in the US.

Our Staff

Since we are a small business our staff consists of ourselves and our outsourced labor. Our dressmakers consist of mostly women so go Girl Power! Our dressmakers are paid above the average for each piece of clothing and here in the US under US labor laws.


Our packaging biodegradable and sustainable packaging is thanks to EcoEnclose and Noissueco. We use the following:
  • 100% Recycled Shipping Boxes
  • 100% Biodegradable Tissue Paper with soy-based ink 
  •  stickers
  • Naturally biodegradable hemp twine

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